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Privacy policy

Newsec respects your privacy and processes your personal data only for specific purposes and to a particular extent. The information contained in the present privacy policy concerns the manner of personal data processing by Newsec. This privacy policy is applicable for Newsec and the individuals who use, have used or have expressed their intention to use, or who are otherwise associated with the services provided by Newsec for the purposes of mutual relations, including the links with individuals having originated before this privacy policy entry into force.


  • Data subject means any physical person who uses, has used or has expressed an intention to use, or who is otherwise associated with the services provided by Newsec.
  • Personal data means any information on a physical person, whose identity is known or can be identified.
  • Processing means any operation pursued in relation to the personal data (including collection, entry, storage, change, giving access to, making inquiries, transfer, etc.).
  • Newsec means the following companies of the Newsec Group: UAB “Newsec property management LT”, legal entity number 300050216, address: Konstitucijos Ave. 21C, Vilnius, Lithuania, UAB “Newsec finance LT”, legal entity number 302819916, address: Konstitucijos Ave. 21C, Vilnius, Lithuania, UAB “Newsec valuation” legal entity number, 126212869, address: Konstitucijos Ave. 21C, Vilnius, Lithuania, UAB “Newsec advisers LT”, legal entity number 302504219, address: Konstitucijos Ave. 21C, Vilnius, Lithuania.

general provisions

The present privacy policy includes the general provisions on the manner of Personal data processing by Newsec. Additional information on Personal data processing can be included in Service Contracts and other documents pertaining to the Service Contracts and on the Newsec website

personal data categories and objectives of and basis for the data PROCESSING

The processing of Personal data by Newsec is performed only adhering to the requirements of the legal acts regulating personal data processing. Generally, Personal data processing by Newsec is performed for the purpose of entering into contracts and securing their effectuation. Personal data can be managed on the consent basis, e.g. for direct marketing. Moreover, Personal data by Newsec are also handled in the discharge of legal obligations and on the basis of legitimate interest (only in the cases where the interests of the Data subject are not superior).


Cookies are used on the website of Newsec. The Cookies policy, publicised on the Newsec website‎, regulates the cookies used by Newsec.

personal data collection

Personal data can be obtained directly from the Data subject or the activities of the Data subject when the services by the Data subject are used, and from external sources and other third persons (e.g. partners, registers and the like).

personal data recipients

Personal data can be transferred to the recipients such as:

  • National entities and authorities or other persons discharging the functions delegated to them by laws;
  • The data processors authorised by Newsec, such as subjects involved in marketing activities, subjects providing information technologies services and other authorised parties. In the said cases Newsec shall take the necessary measures to ensure that such data processors manage the Personal data as instructed by Newsec and prescribed by the legal acts in force, and shall demand that respective measures of Personal data security are given effect;
  • Legal persons within the Newsec Group;
  • Auditors, legal and financial consultants.


It is essential to Newsec that your Personal data are secured. Newsec ensures confidentiality of Personal data as per requirements of the legal acts in force, and implementation of adequate technical and organisational means intended for Personal data protection against unauthorised access, disclosure, accidental loss, change or destruction, or any other unlawful processing.

Geographical coverage of data processing

Usually, the Personal data processing is performed within the territory of the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA). Nevertheless, in the cases prescribed by respective legal acts, the data can be transferred and handled outside the territory of EU/EEA.


The processing of the Personal data shall not last longer than necessary. The period of Personal data storage shall be determined considering the nature of the concluded contracts, the legitimate interest of Newsec or the requirements of legal acts (e.g. those enforcing the archiving period duration, etc.).

rights held by you as the data subject

You are entitled to:

  • Receive information whether Newsec processes your Personal data and, if positive, familiarise with these data;
  • Request correction of your Personal data if they are incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;
  • Disagree that your Personal data are processed. This right shall not be applied if the Personal data are processed for legitimate reasons which exceed the interests of the Data subject;
  • Cancel the consent (e.g. on the processing of data for direct marketing purposes). The consent re-cancellation shall not have the reverse effect and shall not affect the legitimacy of consent-based data processing performed prior to the consent cancellation;
  • Demand to delete, relocate, limit Personal data processing, except for their storage, where processing of the Personal data is done disregarding the requirements set forth in the legal acts and Privacy policy;
  • File a complaint regarding the Personal data processing to the State Data Protection Inspectorate, the website of which can be found at, if you presume that the processing of your Personal data violates your rights and legitimate interests as per the applicable legal acts.

third party INFORMAtion

The Newsec website may contain references to the websites or social networks of third parties. Newsec shall not be responsible for the content of the information communicated by third parties, their privacy policy or data safety measures applied. The conditions of processing of Personal data by third parties may differ than those of Newsec, thus please contact such third parties if you wish to familiarise with the personal data processing pursued by them.

contact information

You are entitled to address Newsec to leave inquiries, revoke the given consents and submit applications on the implementation of the Data subject rights and submit complaints regarding the processing of your Personal data by sending an email to


Newsec reserves the right to amend this privacy policy. It is recommended that you regularly visit the Newsec website in order to familiarise with the most recent information.